Help for disabled people of Chernobyl

The public association “Disabled People of Chernobyl of Aktobe Region” contacted the company JSC “AltynEx Company”. As reported in the letter, April 26, 2024 marks the 38th anniversary of the man-made disaster, the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. 2,000 people from the Aktobe region took part in the liquidation of the accident, most of them received incurable diseases, many are no longer alive. Now there are 180 people left in Aktobe and almost 90% are disabled after being in the radiation zone. In this regard, social activists offered to provide them with all possible assistance on the eve of the tragic date. Our company allocated 300 thousand tenge to organize a memorial dinner and hold a meeting with laying flowers at the monument. Thanks to the liquidators of the accident, they managed to save millions of residents of the countries of the former Soviet Union; at the cost of their health and lives, they prevented the further spread of radiation.