On the initiative of the HR Department, since November 19, the company has been conducting online training on the course "Team Management" for managers and engineering and technical staff. This is one of four blocks of training on topics related to business processes. The first course "Team Management" is one of the most important, since it is aimed at developing soft skills, that is, "flexible skills". Regardless of the specialty, every employee needs at least a few such skills that will help them get along well with colleagues, subordinates, bosses and partners.

Evgeny Vladimirovich Girka, Deputy head of the motor transport section, shared his impression of the course:

–Managing the team and the work process is a very interesting topic. For a manager, first of all, it is important to find a "golden mean" in solving any tasks, be attentive to the little things, be able to engage his team to complete tasks, be able to listen and let employees express themselves. You need to be not only a leader, but also a psychologist, understand the structure of the team and its life process, be a motivator, find enthusiastic and responsible people for your team. Thanks for the training, I learned a lot of new things for myself. Understanding how to create and manage a strong team is already half the success!