Spacious building for school

In September, 130 students from the Altyndy village sat down at their desks in a spacious building handed over by "AltynEx Company" JSC for the needs of a comprehensive secondary school.

In 2018 the building of the Altyndy secondary school was recognized as emergency and unsuitable for teaching children. Construction of the new public school has been underway for several years, but has been delayed for a number of reasons.

In the same year, at the request of the akimat of the Kaiyndy rural district and local residents of the Altyndy village, the management of "AltynEx Company" JSC allocated a building for the school with all amenities, previously intended for the residence of the company's young specialists.

In 2022 the akimat of the Kaiyndy rural district re-applied to the management of "AltynEx Company" with a request to allocate of more spacious premises for the school due to a significant increase in the number of pupils in the village over the past four years. "AltynEx Company" JSC has made a decision of compensatory transfer of the building with a total area of 500 m2 for the needs of the school. “Spacious premises and proper conditions are important for the educational process and the health of schoolchildren. We are ready to support the children of the Altyndy village during the construction of a new school”, notes the management of "AltynEx Company" JSC . After the cosmetic repairs carried out by the company, 130 schoolchildren began their studies in a large building with all amenities.