Voluntary health insurance

Health is the highest value for every person, therefore AltynEx Company JSC pays great attention to programs aimed at maintaining the health of employees and creating comfortable working conditions. In 2024, all employees of AltynEx Company JSC are insured under the voluntary health insurance (VHI) program. “The company is investing heavily in its health insurance program, and we encourage all employees to take advantage of this opportunity. Monitoring your health and contacting specialists on time is very important in order to maintain yourself in good physical shape,” notes the company’s management. All employees have access to the services of private medical centers included in the VHI package. This list includes examination, consultation with specialists, diagnostic laboratory tests, ECG, ultrasound, radiography, fluorography, CT, MRI and much more. Each employee also has the opportunity to receive online consultation and connect one of their family members to the service. Be healthy!