Happy Labor Protection Day!

The International Labour Organization (ILO) celebrates World Occupational Safety Day on April 28 in order to promote the prevention of accidents and diseases in workplaces around the world.

On the eve of April 28, in order to promote safe work, prevent injuries and diseases, as well as maintain corporate values and ensure a unified approach to the celebration of World Labor Protection Day for the company, in the period from April 22 to April 30, 2024, AltynEx Company JSC announced a Safety Week under the motto: "The human factor is the key factor safe work".

On behalf of the BiOT department of AltynEx Company JSC, we would like to congratulate the company's staff on World Labor Protection Day, wish each employee safe work without injuries and accidents, good health, and family well-being. Remember that each of us contributes to ensuring workplace safety. It is necessary to be conscious about the performance of production tasks and always remember that OUR relatives and friends are waiting for US at home.