Positioning system to improve safety

Currently, there is a commissioning work in the mine on a system of positioning and searching for people and vehicles. Its area of application is all hazardous production facilities, including underground mine workings. The positioning system covers mine workings from +75 to -295 horizon (depth 350 and 720 m, respectively). It is important to note that the network of positioning system base stations creates continuous Wi-Fi signal coverage, which allows you to organize the transmission of an Internet signal to the mine and ensure the functionality of Wi-Fi radio stations for the prompt transmission of text/voice messages and photo-video materials.

Purpose of the positioning system:

- to provide opportunities to monitor the location of personnel and in-mine equipment located in the underground workings;

- to provide location information to mining and emergency rescue services;

- to transmit information, photo and video data promptly in real time;

- to maintain time records and recording the time spent by personnel in the mine.

As part of the project to implement a positioning system, 165 base stations were installed and mining lamps with an S.O.S button for emergency communication with the dispatch service were supplied.

The current positioning system will improve the safety and productivity of work performed at the mine.