PPE for safe work

A production worker can be seen from afar: he is wearing special clothing and shoes, as well as the necessary personal protective equipment (PPE). All this is intended to prevent or reduce the impact of hazardous and harmful production factors on the worker’s health. Protection is needed from physical impact, chemical exposure and electrical influence. Also, workwear and PPE help prevent or reduce exposure to uncomfortable temperatures, falls from heights, vibration, noise, etc. The consequences of these types of factors can be very serious, which means that the reliability of PPE is a priority.

All PPE at AltynEx Company undergoes mandatory testing in specialized laboratories on a contractual basis.

Workwear undergoes preventive treatment and repair in the bathhouse and laundry at the mine’s administrative and welfare complex. In case of premature wear and tear, workers can re-receive protective clothing, footwear or PPE.

The use of PPE at work is a safety requirement to reduce risks and injuries at work.

Safety first!